How to quickly inspect your roof in winter

on Thursday, 20 February 2014.

The New England Winter season is in full swing, we offer FREE roof inspection – here is a quick quide on how to do it yourself.

Right now is the time to visually inspect your roof and avoid high cost replacement or repairs that may be linked to local seasonal elements such as snow and ice. We recommend an inspection of all roof angles of your home. If you notice any sagging, missing shingles, or gutter problems, we recommend staying ahead of the inevitable and addressing minor issues that can turn into serious situations when the snow begins to fall.

When inspecting make sure:

  • No shingles appear tilted, missing or “coming up” with curling edges

  • Sagging – any structural damage will be apparent with unevenness and sagging

  • Gutters are cleared of debris and branches – make sure water can flow adequately

  • Gutters are fastened properly and not coming off at any points

  • Flashing is a common cause of leaks – inspect the aluminum surrounding roof vents, pipes, etc.

Visibility can be an issue.  Can you see at least some of the roof’s surfaces? Even though you might not be able to see the entire roof, a partial inspection is better than nothing.

Making sure your gutters are cleared will help prevent Ice dams that can cause serious harm to your roof this season. If you are not sure or have any questions about your current roof, Remember that Jules Poirier Co LLC has been serving the Farmington Valley and surrounding towns since 1955. We look forward to getting you through another frigid season without complication.


Jules Poirier Co LLC is dedicated to helping you avoid roofing problems in Farmington Valley. Call us today for your FREE Roof Inspection at 860-694-9565.

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