Inspecting Your Home's Gutters in Farmington Valley

Written by Jules Poirier on Tuesday, 18 February 2014.

It's that time is how you can see if your home's gutters are in need of repair.


Warm weather has finally arrived here in the Farmington Valley. While we all plan our festivities that the season brings, it also brings with it a lot of rain. Rain can be a nuisance to your home particularly if your gutters are not being routinely maintained. Gutters not only help to clear away the wet mess from your home, they also shield your home and foundation from the costly repairs of water intrusion such as mold. They also help protect your home in winter form ice stands on your roof.

We recommend regular gutter inspections and cleanings especially for this area of Connecticut. The Farmington Valley has had an enormous amount of historical weather in the past few years. Your gutters have taken a brutal beating defending your home from the elements including rain, snow and high winds. While we always remember to rake the leaves in our path, sometimes we forget to look up and address the other areas leaves and things can sneak into. A regular inspection will help identify any distressed areas throughout your gutter system. Here are some things to look for while conducting your home gutter inspection

  1. Can you visibly see things in your gutter?
  2. Does the water pool at any point in your gutters?
  3. Do your gutters sag anywhere?
  4. Do you see any holes or cracks in your gutters?
  5. Do your gutters look properly fastened to your home and all downspouts?

All of this can seem a bit overwhelming. Jules Poirier Co. has been serving the Farmington valley and surrounding towns including Avon, Canton, Simsbury, Farmington and Burlington for over 55 years and we would love to help you maintain your pride in your home.

Gutters can be overlooked for too long and prove costly if neglected. If you have noticed that your gutters need a little love or total replacement, never hesitate to call Jules Poirier Co for all of your roofing, siding, or gutter needs.

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