Know the Signs

bad_roof_shinglesDon't wait until it's too late! Most people wait until there is a problem and by that time the damage is far gone. After years of being exposed to heavy rains, snows, and winds, roof shingles can start to wear. Curling, peeling, and eventual disintegration of roof shingles can lead to severe, permanent damage to your roof and overall house structure. Jules Poirier Co. is a team of professional Connecticut roofers that can fix any roofing problem you may have.

Some of our clients experience the following

  • Shingle cracking and curling
  • Show Granule loss
  • Non professional insulation
  • Expired warranties
  • Storm damage
  • Ice dams


roof_repairWe have the knowledge and experience to take on all of the Roofing that is needed for your project and all of the attention to detail that it entails. If you are looking into reinventing the look of your structure, our distinctive workmanship will truly highlight your home's characteristics while adhering to your financial needs, The Jules Poirier difference means our customers understand what they are paying for, and know that they are paying for the best possible installation and the right product for their project.

Types of Roofing Products

We offer an extensive inventory of roofing shingles. When choosing roofing shingles, you should consider the style and color of the home, the slope of the roof, and the type of warranty. Call us for a free estimate...


We install baked enamel aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts in 20 varieties of colors, including leaf protection systems. Click either gutter to go to their manufacturer's site.

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