Vinyl siding

Know the Signs

bad_house_paintLike many homeowners, you may be experiencing the deterioration of your siding. Wind, rain, and cold temperatures can all adversely affect house siding leading to:

  1. Frequent painting due to peeling or cracking
  2. Deterioration
  3. Esthetically displeasing exterior
  4. Outdated appearance
  5. Reduced resale value
  6. Lack of energy efficiency
  7. Poor or no wind resistance warranty
  8. No transferable warranty

Can't I Just Paint?

While many people swear by their freshly painted houses, they often do not realize the drawbacks of annual paintings. Aside from it being a yearly cost and painstaking endeavor, not all paints are foolproof. Often faulty paints and/or painting can result in moisture leaking into the walls of your home, increasing the risk of structural decay. Jules Poirier Co. can provide you with valuable vinyl and fiber cement board siding information.

Want that Wood Look without the Problems?

CedarDiscoveryHandSplitShakeImageBottomJules Poirier Co. offers over 60 years experience in quality siding replacement and installation. Jules Poirier Co. understands the need to preserve the exterior of your home and can offer premier siding services to ensure aesthetic satisfaction and the maximum longevity for your home.

Vinyl Siding

We have the knowledge and experience to take on all of the Roofing that is needed for your project and all of the attention to detail that it entails. If you are looking into reinventing the look of your structure, our distinctive workmanship will truly highlight your home's characteristics while adhering to your financial needs, The Jules Poirier difference means our customers understand what they are paying for, and know that they are paying for the best possible installation and the right product for their project.